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Prosperity Law LLP are the leading Commercial Solicitors and Notary Public based in Manchester, Liverpool and Rochdale. Our aim has always been to provide a first-class service to clients whether individuals or businesses.

We pride ourselves on the quality and results our highly skilled solicitors provide; taking the time to understand our client’s needs and how to best achieve their expectations. All of our partners are proud of Prosperity’s achievements to date, and strive to achieve the highest standards of performance across all our commercial legal specialities.

Prosperity Law LLP recognise that choosing a commercial solicitor is a very important decision. You need to be assured that the law firm you are choosing can not only deliver results, but are extremely reliable, trustworthy and flexible.

If you would like to speak to one of our expert legal advisors, please contact us via our online enquiry form, or telephone your chosen Prosperity Law branch today.


“ We have always found Prosperity Law LLP to be extremely flexible, reliable and trustworthy and we would not hesitate to recommend them”

Chris Coleman

Managing Director - Metrolink RATP Dev Ltd

“We used Prosperity to protect a company which came under threat from former employees who sought to undermine our business. An excellent service was provided and I would not hesitate to use them again.”

Ian Blackhurst

Chairman - My House Group and Chairman - Entu Plc

“ I have worked successfully with Prosperity Law for a number of years and would not hesitate to recommend them”

Mike Mabey

Head of Operations – Nottingham Tram

“Prosperity Law have worked for a number of my businesses and have achieved excellent results.”

Brian Kennedy

Chairman - Latium Group and Sale Sharks

“ I just wanted to thank you for how assertive you where with the Birmingham deal. Without the efficiency from your side, the project wouldn't of happened, it leaves me with great confidence going into the next project, knowing our legals are in hand with yourself and prosperity .”

Ghetto Golf

Dan Bolger and Christopher Piper, Directors

“ We are extremely pleased with the work that Jonathan Durkin and Prosperity Law have carried out for us. They showed great expertise and were excellent to deal with. We would highly recommend Jonathan and Prosperity Law for any commercial matters.”

Bongo's Bingo

Jess Hellier, Senior Manager

Manchester's Leading Commercial Solicitors

Legal matters relating to business can seem complex as it is - without having to work out the difference between commercial and corporate law or decide which areas of representation are correct for the changeable, unique and individual needs of your brand or company. After all, the numerous types of commercial law include everything from contract law to international trade and property law, to commercial property law, employment law, companies law, competition law, consumer protection, intellectual property, copyright, trademark and patent law and even environmental law. However, all this might just be easier to get to grips with than you think, and to prove it, the experts at Prosperity Law have decided to put together a brief guide to help you work through your options and decide how to move forward when it comes to your choice of legal assistance and advice. Read on for more information.

While searching for legal representation for your business, you will very likely have come across the terms “commercial law” and “corporate law”, but you might have found that the difference between the two is not often made very clear. So which specialist business-based branch of the law best meets your requirements, and why? The surprising answer is that the two are regularly relatively interchangeable, depending on the firm you choose. Naturally, both areas are fairly similar in terms of the clients and issues they cover. However, there is usually a small number of distinctions that may differentiate them to a degree. Corporate law often refers to a slightly narrower set of practices relating to the overall “life” of the business and its management and relationships - from beginning to end - including expansions, downsizing, acquisitions and mergers. Commercial law practices usually exist to manage the legal elements of smaller, more wide-reaching details of the day-to-day workings of a business, such as intellectual property, litigation and the running of individual franchises connected to a brand. For example, depending on the legal specialists you choose, you may find that your shareholder or partnership dispute case is being represented by either a corporate or commercial solicitor. In fact, experts from both areas often work together to resolve these particular kinds of issues.

Both commercial and corporate law should be considered vital elements of your business set-up. Indeed, searching for good legal representation ought to be one of the very first steps you undertake when setting up your own company, as, however well-organised and transparent you are as a professional and as a managing director, ensuring the smooth performance of the collection of individuals playing integral roles within its daily running is no easy task. Of course, writing up watertight contracts and obtaining comprehensive insurance goes a long way towards safeguarding yourself, your premises, your products, your staff and your customers against potential issues, but any number of scenarios may still arise that could render you in urgent need of legal advice or representation. There will always be interpersonal disputes, logistical errors and contract-centred quibbles, no matter how carefully you’ve laid the groundwork. Without a specialist in commercial law to assist you in these cases, the likelihood of your business being scammed, taken advantage of, sued or simply falling apart due to unresolved infighting is much times higher - so it just isn’t worth the risk. In times of smooth sailing, it may feel like the amount of work and money you’re putting into your company’s legal protection and representation is an unnecessary distraction from your daily tasks, but legal issues can regularly take you by surprise - and when this occurs, it will all seem exceptionally worthwhile.

If you’re looking for legal assistance, advice or representation for your business, you can start by searching in your area for recommended specialists with an excellent track record of working with companies within the same field as your own. After this, make a list of relevant current or potential legal matters that particularly affect your area of work. These will serve as prompts for when you first begin a dialogue with your selected firms. Next, make contact with the specialists you have shortlisted, and take note of your interaction. The best legal advisors and solicitors will be knowledgeable, forthcoming, friendly and professionally mannered. You can then proceed to ask your favoured firm for their representation. If you require further information on specific issues covered by corporate or commercial legal practices, or if you are interested in the types of representation available to you from Prosperity Law LLP, all you need to do is get in touch. These expert legal advisors have bases in Manchester, Rochdale and Liverpool, and you can contact them directly on 0161 667 3697, 01706 659 666 or 0151 958 0057 respectively. You can also email their central office today on Each office will be available for contact between 9 am and 5.30 pm from Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. Prosperity Law LLP also specialises in commercial litigation, commercial property law, employment law, intellectual property law, media and entertainment law, sports law, transport law and taxation disputes, and represents individuals from all backgrounds, including high net worth clients.