December 18, 2018

Civil litigation Vs. commercial litigation?

What is litigation?

Litigation – or dispute resolution – is the process of appointing law professionals to resolve disputes in court in the hope of obtaining compensation for damages. There are a variety of litigation claims that can be made, although they all fall under two major categories – civil litigation and commercial litigation. (more…)

December 12, 2018

Top tips for a commercial property landlord

If you’re thinking about renting your commercial property, there are many factors that you should consider first. Being a commercial landlord comes hand-in-hand with a number of responsibilities and risks. It is important to get it right from the start – before signing a lease with a new tenant – to prevent any potentially serious legal issues from arising further down the line.

In the following blog, we share a number of top tips for commercial property landlords and highlight the importance of seeking an experienced commercial property solicitor for such matters.


December 10, 2018

How to protect your business’ intellectual property

We are now living in a society where a business’ intellectual property – whether that be a trade secret, invention, or brand name – is more valuable than their physical assets. You may not expect your ideas to be copied and, as a business owner, seeking out protection may not seem like a priority. But intellectual property theft does happen, and it is important to be prepared for the worst.

In the following blog, we take a look at how you can protect your business’ intellectual property, offering useful tips and outlining the services currently available here at Prosperity Law. (more…)

December 3, 2018

What is the difference between a solicitor and notary public?

Solicitor and notary are two words that are often used interchangeably in the legal profession. However, it’s important to note  – although they both provide legal services – there are a number of important distinctions between them. In fact, becoming a notary public is a completely alternative career path and the day-to-day role of a notary public is very different from that of a solicitor. (more…)

November 14, 2018

The Importance of Contracts for Employees and Employers

What is an employment contract?

In accordance with employment law, an employment contract is a legally binding agreement between an employer and their employee, which states the conditions of employment.

All employment contracts vary depending on the specific occupation of the employee, which are usually drawn up, agreed and signed before employment commences.

An employment contract does not legally have to be written down, however it is preferable if they are, as in the case of court proceedings a written contract can provide evidence of legitimacy or negligence. (more…)

November 14, 2018

A Prosperous Move

Prosperity Law have moved to Spinningfields, taking office space on the 1st Floor of Vantage Point, Hardman Square. Previously based on Tib Lane just of Cross Street, the move reflects the firm’s ambition and forward thinking nature. (more…)

November 14, 2018

North West Law Society Commerce & Industry Group Annual Dinner

The North West Law Society Commerce & Industry Group Annual Dinner is an evening event of networking and dining to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

The prestigious event included a champagne reception, 4-course meal, live entertainment, and a charity auction and raffle. The ticket sales, auction and raffle raised an impressive £18,000, with all the proceeds going to the charity. (more…)

October 30, 2018

Can you check a candidate’s social media?

The checking of a candidate’s social media is now a standard part of pre-employment screening. According to recent research by YouGov, up to 80% of employers are likely to check a candidate’s social media accounts as part of their recruitment and onboarding procedure. Employers are also involved in checking social media belonging to current employees of the company. But with the highly publicised onset of GDPR, along with the severe repercussions of not complying (fines can run into their millions), employers must ensure that their checking processes are appropriate and do not put them at the risk of breaking the law. (more…)

August 1, 2018

Do I Need to Give My Employee a Contract?

Whether you’re a first-time employer or you’ve been managing teams of workers for years, the question of the necessity of providing a contract is a valid one to ask. Depending on the size and complexity of the role in question, official employment documents can take a long time to draft and make watertight, and it can sometimes feel that a lot of the information that is required to be included is somewhat self-explanatory. So are employment contracts actually mandatory, and can you be prosecuted for failing to provide one? Prosperity Law, a team of highly experienced commercial solicitors based in the north of England, is well-versed in navigating the sometimes rocky terrain of manager/worker relationships, contract law and employment tribunals. Here is their advice regarding contract law. Read on to discover your legal requirements and inform yourself further about how having an official legal employment contract might benefit you, your company and its employees. (more…)