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Here at Prosperity Law LLP are specialist commercial property law solicitors have great expertise in a wide range of commercial property issues and we can, therefore, advise on sales, purchases and a multitude of projects. Our services include:

  • Sale & Purchase of Commercial Property;
  • Advice and Preparation of Commercial Leases;
  • Licensing for alterations to Commercial Property;
  • Commercial Property Funding;
  • Commercial Property Auctions;
  • Property Development;
  • Buying and selling property out of insolvency;
  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes and Property Litigation
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We pride ourselves on our ability to provide cost-effective and pragmatic advice that is tailored to the needs of our clients – regardless of your size, we aim to provide the highest level of service.

We work alongside businesses of all sizes, from PLCs to sole traders and whatever your needs – from advice on large scale development projects through to landlord and tenant issues – our experienced and commercially-minded team of commercial property solicitors are on hand to assist with achieving your goals.

Commercial Property Law – The Basics

Commercial property law refers to the legal practices connected with the management and use of any land and buildings purchased and employed for commercial endeavours. Any individual or business that has possession of commercial property must adhere to the stipulations of commercial property law to avoid being sued for its misuse. As it is such a broad legal field, commercial property law can sometimes seem difficult to understand, but it is extremely important for business owners to get to grips with its ins and outs – firstly to ensure that they are au fait with the judicial implications of commercial premises ownership, and, secondly, so that they can understand what may happen if they fail to recognise certain legal guidelines. So what do you need to know about commercial property law? Prosperity Law LLP is here to help you get to know the basics with this simple guide. Read on to find out how commercial property law affects you, your business and its premises.

What does commercial property mean?

A commercial property can be defined as a building or piece of land used for business purposes and the generation of profit. Any property purchased and used by a company or business owner in order to further their professional aims is considered commercial premises. Properties that fall into this category include retail parks and stores, offices, industrial property such as warehouses and garages, restaurants and cafes, pubs, bars and hotels, medical centres, farmland and residential property containing units in larger numbers. If your business’s assets include any of the aforementioned types of property, or you own other kinds of premises that you suspect may fall under the umbrella of commercial property, then you may need to make contact with a specialist advisor to assist you with the management of their legal elements. All issues surrounding commercial property law can be attended to and resolved with the help of a qualified property lawyer.

What does a property lawyer do?

A specialist property lawyer will be able to assist the owner of a commercial property in the resolution of any legal matters that may arise in connection with their premises. Property lawyers should be consulted when:

  • Commercial premises owners require advice regarding property investment – whether they themselves are looking to invest in further land or buildings with the aim of expanding or moving their business, or they have been approached by external investors.
  • Property sales and purchasing advice covering any possible kind of commercial land or building may be needed.
  • Development advice is required regarding decisions to build new structures, add further amenities, improve existing buildings or facilities or demolish parts of those that currently exist.
  • Property owners need information and advice about the legal aspects of mixed commercial properties (i.e. a residential flat above a retail outlet).
  • There needs to be any negotiation surrounding planning and overage agreements.
  • Commercial property owners require funding advice for any form of premises.
  • A business requires assistance in the management of their commercial property portfolio, including the renewal or surrender of leases or the obtaining, understanding and altering of licenses.
  • There are any disputes between the landlords and tenants of a commercial property or any other property litigation issue.

If a property owner experiences or predicts problems regarding any of the matters listed above, it is very important that the assistance of a property lawyer is sought in a timely fashion to avoid legal penalties or forced closures.

How much do commercial property solicitors cost?

When it comes to commercial property law in Manchester, the cost of legal assistance can vary hugely depending on the type and number of properties a business owns as well as their purpose for larger, more intricate properties such as factories may prove more costly in terms of solicitor fees. The best way to determine the potential legal costs of a specific commercial property is always to research trusted commercial property solicitors within the local area and approach each one for an advisory quote detailing the price of their services. Any good legal firm you contact should be personable and forthcoming with information on this subject.

So, how do I go about finding my perfect commercial property law specialists?

Firstly, it is vitally important that you take note of all current and potential legal issues surrounding your commercial property. From tenancy disputes to future expansions, developments or renovations, to selling off parts of your premises, the law firm that you select needs to be well-versed and knowledgeable in all your required areas. Once you have compiled a comprehensive list of these matters, it is time to start researching local legal teams that specialise in commercial property law. Make sure you’re happy with how they present themselves and confident that they have a strong history of successful representation behind them. Once you make initial contact, either over the phone or in a concise email, it’s good to ask yourself how you feel about the tone and content of their correspondence. It may be that the partnership you forge with your commercial property lawyer lasts for your entire career, so it’s very important that you feel comfortable working with them.

For further information regarding specific legal matters connected with commercial property law, or to hear more about the assistance and advice Prosperity Law LLP can offer you, simply get in touch with their Manchester, Rochdale or Liverpool offices directly on 0161 667 3697, 01706 659 666 or 0151 958 0057 respectively, or email their central office today on You can contact their offices between 9 am and 5.30 pm from Monday to Friday. Prosperity Law LLP also specialises in commercial litigation, corporate and commercial law, employment law, intellectual property law, media and entertainment law, sports law, transport law and taxation disputes, and represents individuals from all backgrounds, including high net worth clients.

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