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Manchester is one of the most quickly-changing cities in Europe, with scores of new building projects and developments launching every few months, and innumerable businesses continuously setting up residence wherever you look. Putting down roots as a new company in the big city comes with its challenges, of course. Due to the inevitable saturation of almost every kind of organisation you can imagine, you’ll never be too far away from a competitor wherever you choose to set up your premises. Competition is stiff as a result, with hundreds of rival businesses vying for the top spot. Because of this, it has become more important than ever for companies to promote themselves in order to remain firmly in the public eye; so important, in fact, that this task threatens to captivate the attention of business owners beyond all other elements of the job. It can be understandably easy to become carried away by  vital aspects such as these when keeping afloat in one of the busiest cities in Europe, but there are other matters that are perhaps even more important to consider when working to assure the longevity of your company in its current location, along with its finances and overall reputation. These matters concern legal representation and advice.

Splashing out on online advertising, posters, flyers and a beautiful shop front can only take you so far if the premises on which the shop stands are a potential legal nightmare waiting to happen. As the owner of commercial property in Manchester, you need to have access to information covering permission to further build on or develop your existing premises, to help rectify landlord or tenant disputes, to understand applications for and the process of acceptance of any funding, to know the process involved in surrender or renewal of your lease and so much more besides. The best way to ensure that you have this information to hand, along with solid legal representation and consultatory assistance should you require it, is to invest in the services of a trusted Manchester-based legal advisor.

Specialist Commercial Property Law in Manchester

Prosperity Law is an organisation that employs highly experienced corporate and commercial property lawyers and legal specialists in Manchester. They also offer expertise in employment law, intellectual property law, media and entertainment law, sports law, transport law and taxation disputes for both businesses and individuals, and have previously provided representation and assistance for high profile cases and high net worth companies and individuals. For Prosperity Law, the client always comes first.

It is extremely important that you take the time to make contact with a commercial property lawyer before moving any further with your current business plan. Investing in proper legal assistance can save a great deal of potential expense and very real risk to your company and its reputation in the long run. If you or your business are found liable as a result of an issue with your commercial property or the way in which it is utilised, you may be required to pay vast amounts in damages or compensation, or be even more severely prosecuted. Your company may even be ordered to cease operations. Investing in legal representation can make a huge and vital difference to the future of your company.

So, before you launch into the exciting next steps of setting up a business in Manchester, take the time to contact Prosperity Law today on 0161 667 3697 or email their team of specialists via for essential help and advice surrounding commercial property law. Their office hours are 9 am until 5.30 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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