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High Net Worth Individuals are officially defined as those who, throughout the last financial year, achieved an income of more than one hundred thousand pounds – or found themselves in possession of assets that totalled over two hundred and fifty thousand pounds in worth. If you fall into this category, you should certainly consider applying for high quality legal representation due to the value of your finances and property and the inherent risks that come alongside them.

Recently, there has been a push for tighter legislation surrounding the income and assets of HNWIs and the businesses they run – exemplified by the launch of Unexplained Wealth Orders. Naturally, if all of your gains have been achieved legally – and this fact can easily be explained – then this should be of no concern to you. However, it’s still extremely important to ensure that your estate and belongings have suitable legal protection at all times.

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Prosperity Law is an established organisation of lawyers specialising in High Net Worth clients in Liverpool. If you choose us as your trusted legal advisers, we will deal with all matters surrounding your assets and activities with the utmost discretion and sensitivity. Your privacy is paramount, as is your peace of mind. We understand that you do not wish to spend your life worrying about the security of your property and finances, so we will work closely with you to ensure that all necessary legal protection is suitably in place – allowing you, your loved ones and your business partners to relax.

We only employ the most experienced legal advisers to High Net Worth Clients in Liverpool, so you can rest assured that all matters will be dealt with in an expert manner. Areas in which we specialise include high net worth tax and VAT disputes, international residency issues and much more besides. Contact our team today on 0161 667 3686 to find out exactly how we could help you or your business, preventing any further worries, concerns or pressure. We will talk through your options and come to a suitable agreement that will benefit you, your finances and your assets on an ongoing and comprehensive basis.


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