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Whether your business deals in high-worth goods, services or properties, or you yourself fall under the official description of a High Net Worth Individual (HNWI), you should definitely explore the option of obtaining legal representation as a High Net Worth client. High Net Worth Individuals are a category of people who, during the last financial year, received an income of more than £100,000, or owned assets which totalled more than £250,000 in worth during this time. Manchester-based High Net Worth legal clients know how valuable their property, belongings and business deals are, and so should always be sure that they are easily able to explain the source of all their income and apply comprehensive legal protection to everything they own.

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Due to recent legislative developments in the UK, such as the creation and application of Unexplained Wealth Orders or UWOs, it is now more vital than ever for High Net Worth businesses in Manchester, as well as the individuals who benefit from their success, to look into the very best legal representation. Prosperity Law is an organisation of Manchester based legal experts specialising in the support of High Net Worth clients. Our expert lawyers will always deal with legal matters surrounding your finances and assets sensitively and discreetly to allow for your absolute privacy and peace of mind, as well as that of your family and loved ones. We know that you wish to enjoy your achievements and live your life without excessive legislative pressure and the constant reminder that your property and estate require high-level legal protection, so we work closely with you to arrange an ongoing partnership that takes the weight from your shoulders and allows you perfect ease and confidence.

Whether you require legal assistance and advice for yourself or your business, or you are currently seeking representation for other specific matters such as high net worth tax or VAT disputes or international residency issues, Prosperity Law can help you. Call our helpful, experienced legal advisers today on 0161 667 3686 to discuss your needs and requirements and discover what we can do for you.


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