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Here at Prosperity Law LLP we have dedicated intellectual property solicitors in Manchester who offer technical and practical advice in core areas.

Many underestimate the importance of protecting a company’s corporate identity and intellectual property rights, but in a society where identity theft is becoming more prevalent than ever, the commercial world is also at risk. Prosperity Law value your company and value your ideas.

Copyright, trademarks and patents: intellectual property specialist lawyers based in Manchester

Patents for inventions

New and inventive products and/or processes which are capable of industrial application.  A patent will provide a monopoly right over that product or process, providing it is ‘new’, so it is essential to speak confidentially to a solicitor from the start.

Trademarks for brand identity

Of goods and services allowing distinctions to be made between different companies and brands.  A trademark is a form of registered protection, which provides the owner with a monopoly right as long as it is capable of graphical representation and above all does not describe that particular good/service.  A trademark can be registered in a number of different classes of goods/service which prevents competitors from using similar marks, so speaking with an experienced law firm such as Prosperity Law is vital to ensure protection.

Design Rights for product appearance

Of whole or a part of a product resulting from the features of, amongst other things, the lines, contours, colours, shape, texture or materials forming part of the product itself. A design right can be registered or unregistered but is a useful form of protection to have on any product.


In all businesses in Manchester and the UK, whether starting up or established, confidential information can be vital to growth and thus needs protecting. It is important to not only contractually bind employees to keep information confidential but ensure any information given to third parties remains confidential. Generally speaking, if information is given in confidential circumstances (i.e. location, extent of information, importance of information) then it will be protected by confidentiality. However, due to the ambiguous nature of what constitutes ‘confidential information’, it is essential that you seek legal advice to be sure any private information is not at risk from becoming public knowledge.

Passing Off

The law of passing off aims to protect companies from others using identical or very similar logos/symbols where they have failed or are unable to register the mark for a monopoly right. If you feel another individual or company is using your intellectual property without your permission and you want to know what rights you have without owning a monopoly right, it is worth speaking with Prosperity Law today!

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