Commercial Litigation Solicitors In Manchester

Here at Prosperity Law LLP, we have commercial litigation solicitors in Manchester and Liverpool who take the time to understand our clients’ business first before providing proactive, tailored legal advice.

Our clients know that we will use our experience and commercial and legal acumen to achieve a speedy and cost effective resolution to the dispute wherever possible. To achieve this, we engage in proactive dispute resolution techniques.

Sometimes decisive action is required and immediate court action is the only available avenue. In such circumstances, our Manchester Commercial Litigation Solicitors advise our clients of the consequences of taking such action including the potential costs and when instructed vigorously litigate the dispute to achieve the desired result.

We are committed to helping your business grow, and by applying the law from a commercial perspective you can be confident that our litigation solicitors Manchester will achieve the most cost-effective result.

Prosperity Law LLP Commercial Litigation Services

Contract Disputes

When businesses enter into contractual agreements, it is difficult to predict every eventuality and so it is not uncommon for commercial disputes to arise. Whether it is an agency agreement, distribution agreement, payment obligations, delivery or hiring goods, Prosperity Commercial Litigation Solicitors Manchester have the expertise to deal with your case effectively. We aim to guide you through all the legal and commercial alternatives available to your business.

Partnership Disputes

Any disagreement between partners is highly sensitive and can affect the reputation of the company and the individuals who are involved. It is therefore vital to seek legal advice from a Manchester litigation solicitor. Prosperity Law LLP are able to deal with these types of situations effectively by providing a pro-active solution in a sensitive manner. We also recognise the fact that no commercial litigation case is the same as another, so our tailored service is the best approach to take to find a dispute resolution.

Shareholder and Corporate Disputes

The key to dealing with a commercial litigation dispute of this nature is to ensure it does not disrupt the day to day running of the business. Our Manchester Litigation Solicitors get to know the business first and advise accordingly on whether the best course of action is mediation, arbitration or litigation and this is all performed in a sensitive manner.

Here at Prosperity Law LLP we believe that once we have reached a solution in your commercial litigation case, that the final step we should take is to advise on how to prevent against any similar disputes in the future.

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