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Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business. It can be the difference between your success and failure – this is why debt recovery is so important. You need to make sure you’re paid on-time for any services provided and a debt recovery solicitor, such as Prosperity Law LLP, can help you to do this.

What is commercial debt recovery?

Requesting payment for your services is a normal aspect of business. It’s probably something you do on a daily basis. However, the problems start when a client fails to pay. You may find yourself wasting a significant amount of time chasing them up. The late payment may affect cash flow, holding up business activities and preventing payment of salaries.

This is when commercial debt recovery can be of help. A specialist solicitor can take care of all aspects of debt recovery on your behalf. They will advise on the appropriate legal steps, typically starting with a ‘Letter before Action’ before moving on to court action when necessary and – by applying their skills and expertise – they will strive to recoup all money that you are owed.

Debt recovery solicitors at Prosperity Law

Here at Prosperity Law LLP, we have a specialist team of debt recovery solicitors, with in-depth knowledge of the legal procedures involved in commercial debt recovery. We can offer tailored advice on the best way to recover your money – whether that’s by giving your client a gentle nudge or starting official court proceedings.

With a straightforward approach to debt recovery, we strive to resolve all cases quickly and effectively, without resorting to formal legal action. Our goal is to recover the debt with minimal fuss. However, we also benefit from a team of commercial litigation specialists – who can help with particularly complex and disputed claims, if necessary.

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